Geotechnical Investigation, Design & Reporting

SSC’s engineers and geologists have extensive experience evaluating site conditions and developing effective strategies to mitigate potentially adverse site conditions that can increase the cost of development.

At SSC, we know what’s below the surface can be as crucial and complex as the structure it supports. Subsurface conditions can dramatically affect your project’s design, budget and schedule. Our teams of geotechnical specialists combine extensive knowledge and innovative solutions that deliver cost-saving, practical and code compliant designs. We provide geotechnical engineering services on residential, commercial construction, and public works/utilities construction projects.

SSC team has a lengthy track record in working with clients on fast-paced projects where responsiveness is critical to project success.

Typical services in this area include:

Engineering Analysis and Design

  • Geotechnical Investigation (soil borings and standard penetration testing) for residential, commercial, and public construction.
  • Site Development Feasibility Studies
  • Excavations and Embankments
  • Shoring Investigation and Design
  • Footing Subgrade/Foundation Soils Verification (either with standard drill rig or hand auger/DCP)
  • Foundation Engineering, including design of Deep Pile Foundations and Reinforced Concrete Slabs to Mitigate Poor or Weak Foundation Soil Conditions, as well as Design of Underpinning Systems Utilizing Helical Piers and other systems.
  • Slope Design & Stabilization
  • Lateral Support and Retaining Wall Design
  • Pavement Condition Surveys, and Recommendations for Flexible or Rigid Pavements and/or Pavement Overlay or Repair;
  • Earthwork and Grading Technical Specifications.
  • Percolation Testing for Septic Field Design and Storm Water Infiltration Trenches
  • Site & Soil Classification as per the Applicable Building Code

Field Exploration

  • Soil Borings and Rock Core Drilling
  • Geophysical Testing
  • Test Pit Excavations and Logging