Construction Inspections

Construction Inspections

Home, Commercial, & Third Party Construction Inspections

With over 35 years of combined engineering experience, we’ve built a reputation for providing comprehensive construction inspections; in fact, our robust Construction Inspection Services division is one of the most prestigious third-party inspection agencies in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

We offer a number of construction inspection services, including:

  • Home Inspections:  All of our real estate and home inspections include comprehensive evaluations and documentation of all the home’s major systems including the roof, exterior, structure, HVAC, and electrical systems. We provide complete photo documentation and professionals reporting on all of our residential inspection reports.
  • Commercial Inspections:  We offer commercial building inspections for private clients as well as public municipalities. Our primary building inspection services include all major systems of the building including the roof, structure, interior and exterior, HVAC, and electrical systems. We can also provide our clients with construction progress inspections, insurance liability, and pre-construction inspections. All of our commercial inspection packages come with thorough photo documentation as well as a written narrative reporting on each of the building’s systems.
  • Third-Party Inspections:  Soil & Structure Consulting is one of the most reputable third-party inspection agencies in the Washington D.C. metro area. We are fully certified to perform inspections in the District of Columbia, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, and areas across northern Virginia. Our engineers and inspectors have extensive knowledge and years of experience in both the design and construction processes, so you can be sure that your structure will be in full compliance with all build code requirements and approved construction documents. The partnership with our structural design division enables us to quickly recommend design changes in order to deliver signed and sealed design modifications to the city or county if necessary.

Grading Inspection & Testing

  • Single-lot residential Grading
  • Commercial/industrial Grading
  • Asphalt Inspection/Quality Control
  • Compaction/Density Testing
  • Subdivision Grading Inspection
  • Utility Trench Backfill Testing
  • Retaining Wall Backfill Testing
  • Concrete Sampling /Testing

Special Inspection Services

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Structural Masonry
  • Spray Applied Fireproofing
  • Structural Steel and Welding
  • Post Tension Concrete
  • Pile Driving and Caissons

Throughout the construction process, our staff provides quality assurance and quality control solutions to ascertain whether or not the construction procedures will produce the results required by the project plans and specifications. To ensure that there are no delays in receiving the final approval of your permit by local building officials, we take proactive and timely action to provide a signed and sealed inspection report. Once the construction item has been approved, we leave a signed and sealed inspection report on-site and file a copy with the respective city or county the next business day. From compaction/density testing and utility backfill trench testing to concrete sampling and testing, SSC has all of the construction inspection solutions you need for your project.

Whatever the scale of your project, the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Soil and Structure Consulting have the skills, wisdom, and resources required to deliver efficient and effective construction inspection solutions.

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