Structural Design Services & More For Alexandria VA

Soil & Structure Consultants is proud to bring structural design services, commercial building inspections, and land development consultants to Alexandria VA. Alexandria is a vital part of the Washington DC metro area being only a 25-minute car ride away. This historical town is filled with older structures that often need modifications or new ones built in their place. 

Home & Real Estate Inspectors 

Our firm offers home and real estate inspection services to the area so local investors can know exactly what they are buying. Everything you need to know when purchasing a residential or commercial piece of property can be thoroughly reviewed by Soil & Structure Consultants. Our stellar documentation and knowledgeable experts can help you feel confident during the negotiation period. We can also assist when you need to make insurance claims to repair damages. Our photos and checklists will help ensure that no box is left unchecked. 

Home inspection services for Alexandria VA

Land Development & Soil Consultants 

When you are planning on building a new structure or are trying to add onto an existing one, there is quite of bit of preplanning you will want to account for. Our land development consultants can help you survey the property you wish to build on. The soil consultants can help determine how sound the soil is and how to proceed if the soil is not adequate for the building type. 

We know that many buildings in Alexandria VA assist with national security and must not only meet code requirements but also exceed everyday standards. Our consulting firm can help ensure that your new building goes above and beyond regular expectations. From land development to structural design planning, our team of architects and engineers are fully equipped to give you the state-of-the-art facility needed in order to maximize success. 

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We know that when it comes to designing a new building, many companies will consult with multiple firms to get best rate. At Contact Soil & Structure Consulting we can not only work with your budget but also provide you with the entire team that will get you from start to finish. When all members of a project can work together cohesively, your deadlines are more likely to be completed on time. Contact Soil & Structure Consulting today to learn more about all the different services we offer!